Festival of Advertising

  • On 8 Februar 2019
Hundreds of thousands of ads are produced and displayed throughout the year. However, there is an event that is considered the most important from the point of view of advertisers. The Super Bowl is watched by millions of people in the United States and around the world. However, viewers are not only enthusiasts of this […]
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Keeping Up With Communication Technology

  • On 31 Januar 2019
For many years, television has been the most important advertising tool in the world. The problems began with the development of the Internet. TV publishers started to increase the number of advertisements, and website owners allocated more space for commercial activities. Users were attacked from every side with annoying advertisements. This resulted in a negative […]
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Addicted to Advertising

  • On 21 Januar 2019
Can you imagine a world without advertising? In every corner of the world we can find advertising banners, screens, posters. There are even places that have become known thanks to advertising. Would anyone today associate the Times Squre in New York if it weren’t for the giant screens covering the air of all the nearest […]
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