Relax, It’s Just An Advertisement

  • On 24 Juli 2019
Are you a young entrepreneur and take your first steps on the local market? Or maybe you have the ambition to immediately disseminate your product or service on a global scale? You have to be prepared for many new responsibilities, related to documentation, customer service, establishing cooperation with other entities… You will also have to […]
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Who’s Gonna Win This Battle?

  • On 17 Juli 2019
  It used to be a very futuristic and distant vision. Meanwhile, it began to creep into our lives faster than anyone could have expected. The confrontation between man and machine. It became obvious that the machines had become not only present in our daily activities, not only helpful but also indispensable. There is no […]
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Do We Really Need Advertising? Yes, We Do!

  • On 11 Juli 2019
By studying, observing and analyzing the behavior of modern society, we can see a growing discouragement from advertising. Advertising blockages or legal acts limiting their presence in the public area confirm this phenomenon. However, can our society live in a world without advertising? At this point, it is worth considering whether advertising itself is a […]
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Be A Partner To Your Customer

  • On 4 Juli 2019
What is the biggest defect of modern advertising? Lack of efficiency, which burdens advertisers with ever-increasing costs. The origin of the problem can be found in many aspects. However, one of the most important is the difficult relationship between the advertiser and the potential customer. Traditional media over the years have created a certain scheme […]
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