Looking for efficiency

  • On 10 Mai 2019
The definition of good advertising is short. It increases the sales of product or service, it is remembered and creates a positive brand image. It seems simple, but it’s a very difficult task for advertisers and publishers to create something unique that will distinguish them from the huge competition on the advertising market. Read our […]
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When The Ad Becomes An Art

  • On 30 April 2019
The basic function of advertising is well known. Its purpose is to promote specific products or services, to make the consumer aware of them and to create the desired impressions. However, advertising can be treated differently. Because it is most often visual, it interferes with our sense of aesthetics, so it also functions as an […]
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Think differently!

  • On 28 März 2019
Traditional advertising campaigns are far behind its glory years. Currently, they are not able to meet the needs of broadcasters and recipients in the right way. Competition in global markets has become so intense that only the biggest players can afford effective promotion. At a huge cost. What should the others do in this situation? […]
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