Think differently!

  • On 28 März 2019
Traditional advertising campaigns are far behind its glory years. Currently, they are not able to meet the needs of broadcasters and recipients in the right way. Competition in global markets has become so intense that only the biggest players can afford effective promotion. At a huge cost. What should the others do in this situation? […]
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Visual Communication With The Customer

  • On 19 März 2019
If you don’t present yourself on the Internet — you don’t exist. This saying has been in use for several years now. It concerns not only companies but also people who do not have accounts on social network sites. The phenomenon of technological exclusion is replaced by digital exclusion. Read our article on Medium
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Pop-Up Attack

  • On 8 März 2019
Browsing websites has become difficult recently. We have mentioned online advertising many times, but nowadays Internet users have to deal with another problem. While visiting the website we are forced to read a lot of information, which we have to accept or reject. Only after several clicks we can start browsing the website properly. Read […]
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Will Futuristic Visions Of Advertising Change Its Face?

  • On 1 März 2019
Traditional advertising is boring. This aspect cannot be ignored because it is a serious problem for entrepreneurs and advertisers. New methods of audience interest are being sought. More or less effective. Modern technology offers many possibilities, and each of them is treated as a potential advertising medium. But is it a good idea to blindly […]
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