We change the world of advertising

On Ojooo, users can voluntarily view advertisements and they are rewarded for doing so. Ojooo’s approach guaranties a positive product image and a high level of attention.

Maximum reach und relevance for target groups

25 million users in a worldwide community make active use of Ojooo’s offers and products – the perfect platform for far-reaching campaigns with defined target groups.

Innovative developer

Ojooo doesn’t lean back: the development team is continuously working on new products and finds the best solutions for individual demands.

Blockchain and advertising

Reaching target groups in a more accurate, more precise and longer-lasting way: the blockchain satisfies a basic need of the advertising industry – and is measurable and transparent in doing so. Why is that? Because all data are stored decentrally and can be viewed at any time. The blockchain is more than a trend or a buzzword – the blockchain is the future of advertising. Ojooo has recognized this and has developed a system that actively uses the blockchain already today.


Advertising and blockchain: For Ojooo, the future has already started



Advertisers receive proofs of delivery through the blockchain. They know exactly how often the advertising is played out and who looks at it – subject to the data protection requirements.



The blockchain is transparent and cannot be manipulated thanks to the decentralized organisation. This applies to both the security protocols and the invoicing.


Because you deposit the information concerning the kind of advertising you would like to look at in the blockchain yourself, ads are in a highly targeted way only played to users who are interested in them. Scams, for instance based on clickbots, are therefore excluded.


Ad Safety

Advertisers can deposit precise information in the blockchain, defining in which kind of environment their advertising shall be played out. It is therefore excluded that ads end up on undesirable sites.


Better data quality

Whereas formerly advertisers had to gather user data laboriously from various sources, users now by means of the blockchain create their data profiles themselves. Not only are they more exact, but they are also easier to handle. The advantage for both parties: users are only approached with information that is relevant to them and advertisers gain valuable and trackable leads.


Direct communication

Because of all data being stored in the blockchain, users can be addressed personally and dead on target. Conversely, users can view all transactions of the company at all times. Thus advertising gains transparency and the industry gains credibility.


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