A new face of business

  • On 18 March 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has restricted access to shopping malls. Many people are forced to stay home during quarantine. The world economy is already beginning to experience these restrictions. But the situation in the world does not necessarily affect your brand! Do your best to protect your business from crisis! Advertise your business in Ojooo! Our […]
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Protect your business with Ojooo!

  • On 16 March 2020
The coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the whole world. Quarantines, canceled flights, closed shops. All this is being introduced in more and more countries to limit the spread of the disease. These are preventive measures, but they have a significant impact on the market and on business. How not to lose […]
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Be open to advertising of the future

  • On 13 March 2020
The world is changing very dynamically. We experience these changes every day, but we also face situations when they are required of us. In order to keep up the tempo you have to follow the latest trends. The same situation applies to advertising. You cannot repeat the schemes of the past. First of all, they […]
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The global campaign in a few minutes

  • On 11 March 2020
Can you prepare a powerful international advertising campaign in a few moments? Is it possible to develop a global promotion simply from your office? Yes, you can! The Internet gives us a lot of possibilities. We can handle many formal and private matters without moving from home. Thanks to automation, some things are done without […]
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