We change the world of advertising

On Ojooo, users can voluntarily view advertisements and they are rewarded for doing so. Ojooo’s approach guaranties a positive product image and a high level of attention.

Maximum reach und relevance for target groups

25 million users in a worldwide community make active use of Ojooo’s offers and products – the perfect platform for far-reaching campaigns with defined target groups.

Innovative developer

Ojooo doesn’t lean back: the development team is continuously working on new products and finds the best solutions for individual demands.

For advertisers

Ojooo makes people look at advertising with pleasure – because they can decide themselves when and which campaigns they would like to look at. Advertisers benefit from the “direct to consumer” marketing using block chain technology. The advertising performance can be analysed in real time, invoicing is fair and transparent following the “cost per view” principle. Our modern, future-oriented alternative to conventional forms of online advertising is an innovative digital solution for strong campaigns!

Strong reach, exact targeting – that is why Ojooo is just ideal for your campaigns

Great commitment

Advertising wastage is low thanks to exact targeting and direct approach. Your target group only has eyes for your product, because the advertising is played out according to interests and “on demand”.


Thanks to the blockchain technology, you can effectively play out your campaigns. Activity tokens, such as for the provision of data or the participation in surveys, additionally provide for a positive user experience.

Think global, act local

The blockchain-based Ojooo technology make global campaigns and regional targeting equally possible.


Users decide for themselves when they want to look at advertising, and they are rewarded for viewing the ads. The Ojooo approach guaranties a positive product image and great attention. Additional incentives on the Ojooo platform ensure a high level of user loyalty.

Comprehensive reporting

We simplify the complex challenges in the advertising industry: our reporting tool offers you a real time analysis of the advertising performance with detailed user data.

Blocking the AdBlocker

AdBlockers are losing their right to exist: advertising on Ojooo is “advertising on demand” and is perceived as information. This approach provides for a partnership-like relationship between brand, advertising and consumer.

Fair costs

Our billing model is based on the blockchain technology and guaranties you full cost transparency and secure payment handling.

Brand security

You can reach the Ojooo community worldwide: you determine the environment your campaign shall run in. Instead of negatively influencing the brand with sweeping blows that give the impression of a certain aggressiveness, you generate a positive image and high attention.

Returning customers

Users are rewarded for the interest they show in a product and their rewards are being credited in real time. Due to the “bonus per view” principle, users feel that they participate in the advertising budget and because of its transparency it is a perfect loyalty program.

Early bookers will reach their objectives quicker: move your company now into the future of advertising.

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