We change the world of advertising

On Ojooo, users can voluntarily view advertisements and they are rewarded for doing so. Ojooo’s approach guaranties a positive product image and a high level of attention.

Maximum reach und relevance for target groups

25 million users in a worldwide community make active use of Ojooo’s offers and products – the perfect platform for far-reaching campaigns with defined target groups.

Innovative developer

Ojooo doesn’t lean back: the development team is continuously working on new products and finds the best solutions for individual demands.

The experts for AdTech

On-demand advertising: Advertiser and user equally benefit from Ojooo campaigns.

Tech-driven solutions

The blockchain technology does not only secure data: Ojooo uses this technology to simplify the complex challenges in the world of advertising and in payment processing.

Global reach

The Ojooo App allows you to reach clients worldwide – this is ideal for international campaigns.

Fair costs and prices

The OJX token ensures fair invoicing.
Advertisers have to pay according to the cost per view principle and thus can use their budget efficiently. The users are rewarded according to the “earn per view” principle.

Arguments for choosing Ojooo

Ojooo offers the modern, future-oriented alternative to outdated online advertising formats: advertisers can strategically place their messages and responsible users are taken seriously.

Permission marketing: advertising that reaches its target
With Ojooo you make your clients happy
Positive branding through rewards
Surveys and market analyses directly from the target group

Move into the future of advertising now.

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Why Ojooo?

Because advertising should be fun

25 million Ojooo users are the classical smartphone users – active, responsible, solvent. They turn on their mobile devices more than 80 times each day, and they use it every day for 152 minutes on average, on weekends even for 202 minutes. They look at advertisements voluntarily and they are exceptionally motivated – because they can earn money on the side with their smartphone during their free time.


Global campaigns

You can reach the Ojooo community worldwide.

Advertising on demand

The users deliberately opt for advertising – because they are rewarded for it.

Advertising advice

The Ojooo team offers a real alternative to current advertising formats: advertiser can use their budget in a more targeted manner, the advertising is perceived positively.

Blockchain basis

The blockchain technology revolutionizes the advertising market – and it facilitates targeting, invoicing and data protection.

The Ojooo cosmos of products

High customer loyalty because users benefit from other products within the Ojooo portfolio.

Interested community

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: creativity and the use of innovative technology are particularly well received Ojooo users.

Mobile App

The advertising messages are played on the device, which users prefer to spend time with.

Growth and new markets

Thanks to the financial element “earn per view” Ojooo taps with rapid growth into new markets.

Committed developer team

The Ojooo developer team constantly improves its innovative solutions for receiving advertising in a simple and user-friendly manner and for a real participation of the users.

What our clients say

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