We change the world of advertising

On Ojooo, users can voluntarily view advertisements and they are rewarded for doing so. Ojooo’s approach guaranties a positive product image and a high level of attention.

Maximum reach und relevance for target groups

25 million users in a worldwide community make active use of Ojooo’s offers and products – the perfect platform for far-reaching campaigns with defined target groups.

Innovative developer

Ojooo doesn’t lean back: the development team is continuously working on new products and finds the best solutions for individual demands.

Our story

Ojooo – it is above all the people, who make our company what it is. Users, developers, clients, partners, shareholders are united in the vision that the world can get a little better every day through the opportunities of digitalization.

Ojooo has already existed for more than ten years. Inspired by the cosmopolitan atmosphere at our company headquarters in Hamburg our focus has been the innovative use and further development of digital technologies. We started out as website developer for a large variety of customers, but we rapidly developed our own products and continuously expanded our portfolio.

Innovations are our daily motivation. Our projects always keep track of the latest developments, in most cases they are even ahead of their time. We rely on modern technologies, and that convinces millions of users worldwide who are using Ojooo products such as mail service, website-creator or our app for messenger and (video) telephone services and who benefit from the fact, that we adjust our products to their needs and interests.

With passion and curiosity, we develop further existing applications and implement new ideas, which make life in the world 2.0 easier and more convenient. In doing so, we put special emphasis on aesthetics, functionality and the availability of our solutions on many platforms.

With our latest project Ojooo WAD, we make the world of advertising more human. We respect users instead of pestering them with annoying commercials. At the same time, we offer advertisers a tool, with which they can customize their campaigns – worldwide or on a regional level – according to the needs of the users to gain maximum attention.

We live our visions every day: Thanks to our unique corporate structure, nothing is impossible with Ojooo. We discuss new projects together – from different perspectives and with many individual views. Because we believe that you can only understand users and clients, if you treat your own staff well and take them seriously. For they have the best ideas.

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