Make the world a little bit better – at Ojooo we have discovered that idealism and rentability do not exclude each other. Since 2011 (according to the whitepaper, please check) our team has been working in Hamburg with a lot of passion, insatiable curiosity and technical know-how to develop the best solutions for the demands in a changing world. Whether advertising professional, cryptographic expert, developer or designer: we make use of the individual competencies and longstanding experience within our team for comprehensive approaches. We develop our ideas together because great things can only be achieved as a team.

  • Darius Krakowski

    Founder & Board

  • Michael Thees


  • Sabine Tödter

    Supervisory board

  • Tomas Zorn

    Chairman of the board

  • Zbigniew Grzywocz

    Supervisory board / Lead Project Manager

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