We change the world of advertising

On Ojooo, users can voluntarily view advertisements and they are rewarded for doing so. Ojooo’s approach guaranties a positive product image and a high level of attention.

Maximum reach und relevance for target groups

25 million users in a worldwide community make active use of Ojooo’s offers and products – the perfect platform for far-reaching campaigns with defined target groups.

Innovative developer

Ojooo doesn’t lean back: the development team is continuously working on new products and finds the best solutions for individual demands.

The vision

As a committed team of developers, we at Ojooo want to revolutionize advertising – nothing more and nothing less. We believe that advertising is fun and that people like to look at advertising – because we see users and advertisers as partners. Accomplices, in a way, who mutually respect each other. Only on that basis they can swap information – voluntarily and to their mutual advantage.

That is why using blockchain we exploit a technology with the potential to revolutionize the digital industry. We were the first to implement our experiences into a specific platform that is perfectly adjusted to the needs of the advertising industry and which allows users to experience advertising in a both playful and experimental way. Ojooo WAD is perfect for global and regional campaign planning – as a channel for a custom-fit and innovative approach to target groups.

Our vision: deeper trust
We want the internet to return to being a place where users and suppliers feel at ease – because they are treated as equals. The blockchain technology is the chance to win back the trust that has been lost due to data leaks and privacy scandals.

Our visions: more transparency
Ojooo WAD decentralizes advertising and offers more transparency, security and (freedom of) choice for all concerned. The blockchain technology is our declaration of independence from intermediaries and advertising platforms: because it allows permission marketing and fair “cost per want” invoicing.

Our vision: better quality
We establish a new way to handle products and commercials and let them stand on their own as information and entertainment. Products are made for consumers after all. We want them to have fun with them and we provide for a positively rooted brand message: because users are addressed with entertaining clips in a targeted manner based on their interests advertisers benefit from valuable leads.


Our vision: more innovation
Ojooo WAD is more than an advertising platform which allows users to participate in the advertising revenues. We want passive consumers to become active consumers who emotionally deal with their favourite brand, who obtain information in a playful way, who test and evaluate – and thus develop the product further.

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