Manage your business!

  • On 7 апреля 2020
With the internet, business management is easier and you can manage it all the time. With tools like Ojooo your management can become easier and more efficient. Ojooo is a range of tools that allow you to keep track of the results of your ads and run advanced advertising campaigns on a global scale. With […]
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Don’t worry! Advertise with Ojooo!

  • On 3 апреля 2020
A pandemic that has affected many of us to a stressful time. Especially for people who are running a business. But a coronavirus doesn’t have to mean a reduction in revenue for your business. The most important thing is to make the right and rational decisions. You also need the right advertising to keep your […]
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Launch Ojooo and #stayathome

  • On 1 апреля 2020
The pandemic has locked many people in their homes. The situation is difficult, but thanks to the isolation together we can limit the spread of the dangerous coronavirus. The question arises: How to use this time effectively? The answer is simple: turn on the Ojooo! The Ojooo is an advertising platform that will allow you […]
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Protect your business from the effects of a pandemic

  • On 30 марта 2020
The global economic situation in 2020 has changed very rapidly and unexpectedly. Many businesses were not prepared for the coming crisis. Coronavirus changed the whole world in the first few weeks. However, the current situation should not be a cause for panic. There are many tools to stop the negative effects of the economic slowdown. […]
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