Ojooo — we’re worth remembering

  • On 26 января 2022
As an entrepreneur, you are well aware of the many responsibilities involved in running a business properly. Running a business involves a lot of meetings, conversations, checks, calculations and analysis. In all this busy time, it is also necessary to find time to run an advertising campaign. Importantly, this is one of the most important […]
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Win customers with new technology!

  • On 24 января 2022
Television advertising remains extremely expensive and its effectiveness remains questionable due to the difficulty in verifying the audience and identifying the target group. Newspaper advertising has almost completely lost its importance. The most relevant and effective form of advertising is online marketing. But how do you go about creating and publishing an advertising campaign to […]
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Ojooo changes the advertising world

  • On 19 января 2022
Ojooo understands how important the role of advertising is in every company. Especially in this difficult time of global pandemic and economic slowdown. Experts estimate that we are facing one of the biggest recessions since the end of World War II. Many companies are currently experiencing a crisis, but the right decision can contribute to your […]
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Advertising technology for you and your business!

  • On 17 января 2022
Do you want to make your business more popular? You need the right preparation in terms of marketing. However, even it will not guarantee the success of your advertising campaigns. So how do you get the best results and conversions? The answer is simple: Ojooo! Ojooo‘s technology allows you to maximize the results of your […]
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